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singing his grace: the blog

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. In school, I would so much rather write a paper than take an exam. I’ve also been a long-time lover of journaling (trust me, I got stacks on stacks of emotional/dramatic entries from childhood & the teen years). A former mentor of mine had mentioned that it seemed like writing was one of the ways the Lord revealed Himself to me the most. It was a sweet realization for me then, and I can’t help but still agree even today.

Singing His Grace used to solely be my blogging website, but when Mel and I decided to keep the name + turn it into a space that is primarily for the podcast, we also decided to keep the blog around as my special lil section of this space that I can still use for writing. There are entries from years ago to present day, all sharing how I've seen + experienced Jesus working through situations in my life.

Posts will be fairly sporadic, but I look forward to using this space to further explore my enjoyment of writing, and I hope the Lord does use it to bring Himself more glory. Please feel free to share your own story with me & how you’ve experienced His grace in your life!