Singing His Grace


"I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have being." - Ps. 104:33

It wouldn’t be Singing His Grace without some actual singing too, amiright?!

I remember when my former worship pastor was giving me guitar lessons and he would always make me sing while I was learning to play. Being someone who only sang in my room, by myself, when no one else in the house was around to hear me, I only wanted to be there to learn to play the guitar and always dreaded the part of the lesson where I would also have to sing – – sometimes to the point of tears (how embarrassing).

Looking back on these times, I can’t help but laugh because I vividly remember questioning why he always made me sing in front of him and straight up telling him, “I’m never going to have to use this.


Fast-forward a few years and I found myself leading worship for the Cru movement at my school, and that lasted for two years. I then started leading worship for my church for a time, and by this point I’ve led worship for a number of Cru Fall Retreats (but make no mistake – – I’m still certainly an avid I’m-just-going-to-play-in-my-room-with-no-one-else-around type player). Needless to say, it quickly became one of my most favorite things and one of the ways I most love to connect with the Lord. How thankful I am that my teacher forced me out of my comfort zone.

I love connecting with the Lord through music. I love the way certain lyrics have the power to say what my heart wanted to say in the first place but just wasn’t able to. I love the impact that music can have by the way that it sounds, builds, or the effect that a simple melody can have. Sometimes simplicity is the best.

As I thought about what I wanted this blog to be, I couldn’t help but think that I should incorporate this love of music into it. Sometimes the things that the Lord is teaching me comes through the form of a song. Other times, music is used to further a point in what He’s already teaching me. Lyrics so often come to mind as I read Scripture or hear a sermon, and there are countless times where a song sticks with me to the core and I can’t get away from it. In those cases, I may write about a specific song and what I’ve been learning from it, and might even include a cover of it.

Recording music is something that is relatively new in my life, and I share my songs + covers on soundcloud if you’d like to give a listen! ♡


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If you're a good friend of mine, you know that it's not unusual (despite being fairly unusual for everyone around) for me to pull out a video camera when we're doing something fun in order to "document the moment". I love creating video content that I can look back on, remember great memories, and mostly get a laugh out of. Feel free to check out my covers, music videos, & vlogs on my youtube channel!