5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity


Something about me has been so antsy to create and write and start something new and exciting. Something life-giving. Something I love. Yes, antsy is the perfect word. The problem is I just don't know what that looks like quite yet. Like an itch that I'm trying to find so I can scratch it, you know? You know it's there, but you need to find it and then do something about it. 

I love when I'm able to take hold of moments of creativity, but oftentimes I'm distracted or unmotivated or just kind of - frozen. But when I do have these moments, I find myself thinking, "What would it look like to keep having moments like these? Moments to think, journal, and be creative. What must I change?"

So as I'm trying to explore this itch, calm the antsy-ness, and tap into the stirrings that have been in my heart for months now, I've come up with 5 ways that best help me do that. I figure I can't be the only one feeling this way, so I want to encourage you to pursue your creativity too!


1. Make Time & space For It

The same could be said for anything, right? You want to learn a new skill, you have a new relationship, you want to finish that book you started 5ever ago, etc etc. Time is your greatest resource. We make time for lots of things, even if they're mindless. That last half hour you spent swiping and tapping through people's instagram stories? [#same] You just made time for that instead of doing something more productive. The same goes for cultivating your creativity. It's a bit less mindless, so you have to consciously make the choice to do it. And in addition to time, you might also need to step away from everything else for a second in order to create the space to find those creative sparks.

2. Set Up Your Environment

Anyone who knows me well knowwwsss that I love me some ambiance. When those twinkle lights are on and those candles (because you can't just have one) are lit, all is right with the world. Put on your favorite chill playlist, clean up all of your clutter, and create a space for your creative juices. Sit down and paint, write, blog, knit, read, imagine, whatever it may be!

3. Cut Yourself Off From Technology

I need to force myself to be alone with my thoughts so the creativity can flow. Setting up your environment so you can dedicate time to your creativity doesn't do much when you then decide to take instagram pics of your space. The Airplane Mode on your phone can be your new best friend. Do Not Disturb? It does wonders. I also use an app on my laptop called SelfControl. Wow, so Galatians 5, right? When using this app you can enter a list of specific websites that you will not allow yourself to go to for an extended period of time. Then you set the amount of time (up to 12 hours). The best (or worst, but actually best) thing about this app is that it will not turn off during the time allotted, even if you delete the app or restart your computer.

4. Write Things Down!

Maybe you're in the middle of something, or you're daydreaming, and something pops into your head but you can't do anything about it at that moment. I'll either write that thing in my Notes app, or I'll jot it down in a notebook designated for these kinds of thoughts or ideas. I keep one or two small moleskin notebooks in my laptop bag or purse so I can reach for it quickly (you can get a three pack at Target for a good price!). Believe me, write it down - even if it's just a handful of key words - because you will forget otherwise. You'll be thankful when you can revisit that thought!

5. Be Patient, Not Perfectionistic

So much easier said than done! I call myself a recovering perfectionist, so I definitely don't nail this piece of advice. 

You were made on purpose and for a specific purpose (Eph. 2:10). What has been stifled in you that you need to let out? Or what have you yourself put off and made excuses for? What itch have you been ignoring? It's there for a reason. And it's worth doing these things to better figure out the unique ways God has gifted you + what ways He intends to use your creativity.


BONUS TIP: Get Outside

Weather permitting, of course. But I'll tell ya, sometimes when I need to take a break or clear my head, or just need a bit of a restart for creativity, it's amazing what taking a simple walk can do. I start thinking about my surroundings, sorting through brain fog, and find myself wishing I had my camera so I could take shots of the trees, sunshine, flowers, etc. It sparks something. So even though it can be so easy to stay on the couch because you're just not feeling motivated to create something, get up and get summa that Vitamin D & some good inspo.


For those who might not identify with being an "artsy" or "creative" type, I don't think you're excused from this topic! Let me leave you with these words:

We may not all have the same skill or training as do the painters or the musicians, but we all bear the image of a creative God. ... perhaps we could say, then, that being an artist has something to do with being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive. Art means believing that the God who created the world with words alone creates with words still, through us - whether it be on a stage to thousands or in a corner with one.
Maybe you make paintings, or maybe you make pie.
Maybe you live confidently in the midst of scary situations.
Maybe you are brave enough to listen, to wait, to trust.
Maybe you see potential in situations and in people that others aren’t able to see.
Art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are.
— Emily P. Freeman, A Million Little Ways
Jocelyn Hepler