how did the podcast come about?!

You can best find out this info by listening to the first episode of our show - titled "Welcome to Singing His Grace" - where we lay out the story behind deciding to make the podcast together. But to describe it in a small nutshell: after finding a kindred spirit in each other, realizing how amped we got when talking about Scripture + how we saw Jesus working in and through our lives, combining our mutual love of investing in younger women, and through a series of conversations related to some creative stirrings, it seemed like the best conclusion! We decided to put some pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and start dreaming. We want to be good stewards of this idea, this space, and these topics. We're not necessarily experts on all the things we'll be chatting about, and some will be easier than others, but we hope that you'll have some grace with us as we all learn to better sing His grace together!

about shg

The Singing His Grace podcast is a place where we renew our minds through experiencing God's goodness, which then leads us to sing His grace. Renewing our minds involves the practice of remembrance, so based on Biblical truths in Scripture, we want listeners to take away three main reminders from this show: God’s grace is constant and consistent, even though we as humans are not. There is always a way to experience His grace, even when we’re not comfortable or joyous. And that you are known, created, and loved, with a particular purpose.


How to Download + Listen

Open the Podcast app on your iPhone
Search for "Singing His Grace"
Select our show & hit subscribe!

through itunes on a laptop:

Click on the iTunes Store on the left side of iTunes
Search for Singing His Grace in the upper right hand search bar.



Meet Melissa | @meldurrer

Hello friends, my name is Melissa, but you can call me Mel! In 2016, through a unique and gracious series of events, the Lord called me to full time ministry with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). I love love love that I get to share the Gospel and invest my life into women for the sake of Christ. Jesus completely transformed my life when I was in high school, and it hasn’t always been a cake walk. That is why I am passionate about discussing the tough topics. Praise God that he is a God of light (1 John 1:5-10 *praise hands*) and we no longer have to live in the shame and darkness of sin! I am so excited to be doing this podcast and continually reminding myself to sing His grace even in those hard times. I can’t wait to get to know you all more and do life together!

What brings her joy:

a good book [now and forever taking recommendations]
any sunset
long car rides

Meet Jocelyn | @jocelynhepler

Hey pals, I'm Jocelyn! Although I knew Jesus from a young age, it was during my time in college that Jesus placed it on my heart to pursue His plan for the world. I've been working in the campus ministry of Cru for 4 years and, as I'm sure you could piece together, work alongside Mel on the same staff team in the Tidewater area of Virginia. I consider it one of my life callings to come alongside other women to help them pursue who God originally intended them to be when He created them. It's a privilege + joy to be chasing after things of eternal significance and to say that I do it for a job. What a gift!

I love opening the Word with other women. It also doesn't take long for my close friends to hear a statement from me like "I was recently reading..." or "a book I'm in the middle of was talking about..." and I'm usually in the middle of at least 5. Always keeping a running list, as I'm sure you'll see in my resource section.

It makes me so excited to be able to connect with you on this platform! I love social media + online spaces, and my hope is that SHG will become an inviting, truth&grace-filled space for all of us to grow in Jesus together.

what brings her joy:

light rain showers with the windows open
a good cup of coffee, twinkle lights, fresh flowers
spontaneous adventures, warm smelling candles
personality tests, convos about personality tests
chilled afternoons filled with baking/cooking new recipes
big tables with good food + favorite people all around
1940’s musicals. no joke.
clean sheets